Walk-ins Welcome!

We’re kicking off a new series this week focused on designing your bathroom for both function and style. Our functionally stylish Showroom Operations Manager, Kathy Rutt, has provided her expertise on bathroom remodels and today’s topic is replacing your tub shower unit with a walk-in shower. Let’s get started!

Updating your tub shower with a walk-in unit is a common trend in remodel projects and creates a functional showering option that is handicap accessible and aging-in-place friendly. No more stepping over a tub ledge to get in and out of the shower.

Here at Studio H2O we have a wide variety of walk-in shower options to choose from. Our variety allows you to find the perfect style to suit your space and budget needs.

“When it comes to walk in showers we have several options to choose from. We carry Sterling, Diamond, Swanstone and Onyx Collection,” said Kathy.

Each of these brands offer their own benefits. Sterling and Diamond are acrylic shower units and Swanstone and Onyx are solid surface units. We will break these down in just a moment, but first Kathy has some expert advice for you.

Prior to selecting a brand, Kathy high recommends considering how much maintenance and cleaning you want to do prior to putting in a walk-in shower. Tile showers with acrylic bases require the most maintenance, whereas acrylic and solid surfaces showers require minimal work to clean and maintain.

Now let’s break down the difference between our Acrylic and Solid Surface options.

Acrylic: Acrylic units are made of non-porous material that provides waterproofing, stopping mold and mildew growth in the walls. Acrylic showers budget friendly and easier to clean than a tile shower and offer a variety of standard sizes to fit your existing shower space. They are only offered in White and Biscuit colors.

Solid Surface: Solid Surface units are made of a non-porous blend of resins, fillers and pigments. Depending on the brand, solid surface showers offer a large variety of colors giving you more design options. The Onyx Collection showers are offered in customizable sizes, allowing you to create your shower to fit any unique space.

Before you go ripping out your old tub shower unit, be sure to consider which design is most practical for your family’s lifestyle. If you are curious about what you can do to remodel your shower on a budget, reach out to Kathy at 319-228-8275 or Kathy@pscia.com.

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