Upgrading Your Showerhead

One of the best parts of our job is helping people go from overwhelmed to empowered when it comes to their home upgrades. The consultants at Studio H2O have all experienced the overwhelm and we can relate. Step one – break things down into manageable pieces. Showerheads are the topic of the day, and Kathy Rutt, our Showroom Operations Manager, has some suggestions.

People often come into the showroom looking to replace their standard showerhead with something more functional. All due respect to the fans of the standard showerhead, but there is a better way. There are many functions available on newer showerheads that you may currently be missing.

“Replacing your current showerhead is a simple task that not only upgrades the look of your shower, but the functionality as well,” said Kathy. “We have so many great options that range from multi-functioning showerheads to hand showers.”

As Kathy mentioned, we have a variety of options when considering replacing your standard showerhead. Showering needs are different for different people, or different for the same people at different times, and we’ve got you covered. Showering as an escape, to destress after a long day of solving the world’s problems or hosing off the kids and/or dogs? It’s time to upgrade your showering experience.

Allow us to break down your basic options when upgrading your showerhead.

Multi-function Showerhead: While still a single showerhead, this option allows you a variety of spray functions to take your shower to the next level. Typically, the functions range from a concentrated massage to a softer, wide spray. The only downside is that you still only have a single showerhead, which can make cleaning out your shower a little tricky.

2-in-1 Showerhead: This is often the answer to many people’s prayers when upgrading their showerhead. A 2-in-1 showerhead elevates the functionality of a standard showerhead by adding a removable hand shower. This is a great option if you have kids or pets because the hand shower allows for reachability you would not get with a single showerhead. It is also great for cleaning/rinsing out your shower.

Hand Shower: If a 2-in-1 does not tickle your fancy, a stand-alone hand shower is another great option. Hand showers enhance the functionality of your showering by adding a second, stand-alone option to your showerhead. Plus, they are great for all those hard to reach places, wiggly kids, and even wigglier pets.

  • Hand showers can be attached directly to the shower using a column (which we discuss more below) that way your showerhead and hand shower are all in one place.

  • You can also have them plumbed separately to be on their own valve apart from the showerhead that is controlled with its own diverter.

  • This is a great aging in place option for yourself or family members who may have a hard time using a basic shower.

Rain Head: This option is perfect for someone looking to make a statement with their shower. Rain Heads, much like the name, make it feel like you are showering in the rain. They come in round or square and often 8 or 10 inch sizes. These shower heads are great, but Kathy recommends pairing them with a hand shower to ensure you are still getting functionality with your luxury.

Multiple people in the house using the same shower? Different heights and different showering preferences? Kathy covered that for us, too.

“If you have multiple people in your household using the same shower, no need to worry!” said Kathy. “Try adding a popular shower column that transforms your shower without altering the plumbing behind the wall.”

“The column works with your existing plumbing, showerhead and handheld shower. There is an integrated diverter at the base of the column that allows the water supply to divert to the head or handheld. With the diverter at the bottom of the column, it’s perfect for everyone in your household to reach,” Kathy explained.

All in all, upgrading your standard showerhead can be a quick and easy way to transform your shower to a beautiful, functional space that meets everyone’s needs. If you have more questions about upgrading your showerhead, contact Kathy at 319-338-8275 or Kathy@pscia.com.

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