Upgrade Your Bartending Game

What do you get when you add the holiday season with a global pandemic? A necessity to drink! Okay, maybe your family isn’t as crazy as ours, maybe you just want to amp up your bartending skills and impress your relatives. Either way, Delta has the perfect product for you. We sat down with Kathy to discuss a new product that will revolutionize those holiday spirits, literally.

Delta’s new glass rinser thoroughly rinses drinkware in seconds, with high-pressure water jets that hit those hard-to-reach spaces. Whether you’re slinging drinks or need to quickly rinse a baby bottle, the Delta glass rinser has your back. Less soaking and scrubbing and more time for drinking or watching holiday movies or both. We don’t judge.

Now I’m sure you’re probably wondering; how does this get installed? Well, Kathy gave us the scoop and it sounds pretty slick.

“The glass rinser can easily be mounted right on your countertop,” said Kathy. “Whether you have a drop in or an undermount sink, the rinser can replace an existing soap dispenser hole, an optional spacer is included for sinks with raised edges.”

Delta designed their glass rinser to easily fit in an existing hole in your sink. As Kathy mentioned, it easily replaces a soap dispenser, side spray or a sink hole cover. It offers a sleek, low profile design to accommodate just about any kitchen design. It also includes a nifty cover so you don’t accidentally spray yourself and make a mess.

Another great perk of this glass rinser is that it doesn’t require any extra plumbing or supply lines to hook it up. It includes a 42” supply line and adapter tee to connect to your existing supply line that runs to the sink. You can also opt to connect it to either your hot or cold-water line. How easy is that?

We recently had one of these installed in the showroom and we couldn’t wait to test it out for ourselves. The rinser can accommodate a drinkware with a minimum opening of 1” in diameter and maximum drinkware opening of 3.6” in diameter. Check out this video from Kathy showing off the capability of the rinser.

“I love that this glass rinser can accommodate anything from a baby bottle to a wine glass,” Kathy said. “It’s perfect for all your holiday get togethers to not only quickly rinse things out, but cut back on the amount of time you’re doing dishes and missing out on family time!”

If you’re interested in adding a glass rinser to your holiday line up, call or text the showroom at 319-338-8275 to schedule your appointment today. Our consultants would love to show you our working display rinser and help you streamline your holiday kitchen needs.

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