Take a Seat: Picking the Perfect Toilet

As our bathroom series comes ever closer to an end, it’s time we talk toilets. A little potty talk never hurt anyone right? We sat down with Kathy, Showroom Operations Manager at Studio H2O to talk all things toilets.

“When it comes time to replace your toilet, there are a few things to consider,” said Kathy. “Think about your current toilet that you have, do you like the height of your toilet, is your toilet comfortable and does it fit into your space well?”

It’s always best to make an appointment at the showroom to come sit on some toilets for yourself. Yes, that’s right, we highly recommend you come in and sit on a toilet. It sounds silly, and some people feel awkward about it, but until you can visualize and experience the different options we offer, you’ll never know what’s best for you!

When you come in to try out some of our display toilets, don’t worry they’re not actually hooked up, Kathy has a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

  1. Get comfortable (We know it sounds silly, but you gotta make sure your tush is comfy!)

  2. Both feet should rest comfortably on the floor

  3. Test both the comfort height toilet and the standard toilet (more on those in a moment)

As step 3 states, be sure to try not only the standard height toilet, but the comfort height as well. Standard height toilets are typically 14-15" tall and work best for kids or shorter individuals. Comfort height toilets run a bit taller at 16-18" and are great for adults, those with disabilities and elderly individuals.

Once you’ve discovered your ideal height, it’s time to pick out a seat. While you’re trying out different toilets in the showroom think about the comfort of the seat you're sitting on.

“With my experience selling toilets, I often hear customers say, ‘I like the height, but this is an uncomfortable toilet’,” said Kathy. “Don’t let the toilet fool you, if the toilet is sized up correctly, the problem is the seat, not the toilet. Being able to test seats out in person will help you make the perfect selection for your comfort needs!”

We offer both plastic and wood seat options in the showroom. A common question Kathy gets is which option is better, plastic or wood? That answer all comes down to personal preference, which is why trying them for yourself is important. Generally a wood seat is going to offer more support, especially if you’re one to sit on the toilet with the seat down.

Plastic seats are lighter weight and come with a slow closing option, ideal for people with kids or even people who just hate hearing the toilet seat slam. Our Bemis line also offers a unique option for those potty training! Their transition seat is a standard seat with an attached smaller seat that magnetically connects to the lid allowing it to be out of the way when not needed.

Both wood and plastic seats come with a quick release feature for easy cleaning!

While you’re in the showroom don’t forget to consider learning more about our heated seat and bidet options as well.

“Adding a bidet seat to your current toilet can take your bathroom to another level. Our cleansing seats feature many different configurations from manual (no electricity needed) to a seat with all the bells and whistles including a heated water tank, pressurized water control settings and even a warm air drier! When it comes to toilet and seats the options are endless,” Kathy said.

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing toilet or in the market for something new with all the bells and whistles, our consultants are ready to help! If you have more questions or would like to set up an appointment to try our display options, contact Kathy at 319-338-8275.

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