Soak Your Cares Away

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about those luxurious bathrooms you see on HGTV? You know the ones we’re talking about, with the immaculate tile in shower, gorgeous double vanity and the show stopping soaker tub. We sat down with Kathy to discuss how you can make your HGTV dream tub a reality.

When picking out a new bathtub there are a few things to consider. According to Kathy, “It’s important to think about your lifestyle, budget, installation costs, tub material and style.”

Once you’ve decided on your budget, it’s time to start researching the style and material you’d like your tub to be made of. Typically, free standing tubs are either acrylic or cast iron and come in a variety of styles.

Acrylic tubs, much like acrylic showers, are lightweight and easy to install on just about any level of your home without needing to worry about additional floor supports like you would with a cast iron tub. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes which make them a great, affordable option.

Cast iron tubs are much heavier than acrylic tubs. They are known for their durability and gorgeous vintage charm. Due to the weight of cast iron it’s important to make sure the floor is appropriately braced before deciding this is the tub for you. Other than the weight, cast iron tubs also come in a variety of styles but do run at a higher price point than acrylic.

Once you’ve decided on the material, it’s important to make an appointment at our showroom to test out our display tubs. Our consultants will show you all the various styles and sizes to best fit your vision and budget.

“When shopping for the perfect tub, we HIGHLY recommended that you come in the showroom and sit in our display tubs,” said Kathy. “This is especially important if your husband or wife are a different height than you. You both should try out the tubs to see what is comfortable for BOTH of you.”

The next step in achieving your HGTV level bathtub is selecting the perfect tub filler. There are three main options when selecting a tub filler, floor mount, wall mount or tub mount. Allow us to explain further.

  • Floor Mount: Floor mounted or free-standing tub fillers are mounted to the bathroom floor next to the tub. They give you more flexibility in where you want the faucet installed. Just make sure to measure the height and distance of the spout so you can properly fill your tub!

  • Wall Mount: Wall mounted fillers are just as they sound. The plumbing runs behind the wall and allows you to have your spout and handles be attached to the wall. Kathy also recommends measuring the spout to make sure it will be long enough to fill your tub.

  • Tub Mount: Tub mounted fillers are ideal when the above two options are not a viable option. These fillers are mounted to the tub itself, which limits your installation options, but can still look just as stunning as the previously mentioned options. Just be sure the tub you selected is one that accommodates tub mounted fillers.

The last thing to consider before buying your dream tub is whether you want a standard soaking tub or something a bit more luxurious.

“Keep in mind when shopping for a new tub that your options are not limited to a soaking tub,” Kathy said. “Adding air to circulate the water or jets for a therapeutic massage might be just what you are looking for. For a more spa like, healing effect, you may be interested in our Micro Silk tub by Jason international.”

There are a variety of options you can add to upgrade your new tub. Our amazing consultants are happy to meet with you and discuss all the possibilities for your dream tub. Contact Kathy at 319-338-8275 or for more information!

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