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In this series we’ve talked a lot about kitchen design, but today we’re going to switch things up and talk mudrooms! With storage and organization being such hot trend right now it would be a shame if we didn’t highlight our locker systems offered by Plato, one of our cabinetry lines. We sat down with Sherri, one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers to learn more about this great new product.

“Lockers are a great way to make your mudroom or laundry room a more functional space,” said Sherri. “Plato offers a locker system that will not only add functionality but create a beautiful focal point for your mudroom.”

This locker system is semi-customizable, which means you can mix and match and play around with the design, but within the sizes and offerings Plato lists. Don’t worry, we’ll go over all those offerings in a moment.

Plato offers a few mix and match options, hence the semi-customizable label, to make your locker system unique to your space. Below we cover the three parts to creating your ideal locker system.

Tall Storage Lockers

  • Storage lockers can come open or partitioned for up to 3 sections, ranging in size from 18” w to 48” wide, we can customize sizes by combining top and bottom Lockers to create the desired width for the space.  They can also come with or without doors. Open or partitioned, this space is set up perfectly to hang coats, jackets and backpacks.

Wall Cabinets

  • Coordinating wall cabinets can be placed above or on the side the lockers to increase storage space. They can be installed with or without doors. According to Sherri, most prefer without doors but instead, adding baskets for organization, so it’s easier to see what you’re grabbing.


  • The base of the lockers are created by using either Pull out drawers or open cubbies, 17” h they also serve as a bench for kids to sit on while putting on shoes. Drawers are nice for storing winter hats, mittens, etc. and open cubbies are great for boots and shoes. Both drawers and open cubbies range in size from 18”-72” w and can be customized for the space.  This type of organization really helps to keep the area organized while also looking nice!

Once you’ve decided on the design of your lockers, you’re all ready to order, but don’t forget about the hardware! The lockers are set up for coat hooks, but do not come with them, so be sure to ask one of our consultants to help you pick out those final details. 

If you have more questions about Plato’s locker system or would like to order lockers for your space, contact Sherri at 319-338-8275 or

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