Picking the Perfect Countertop

Selecting countertops is a tricky business. Not only do you have to decide on material, but you must consider the color and pattern as well. With so much to consider, we decided to chat with one of our expert Kitchen & Bath designers, Sherri Eagle, to learn how to pick the perfect countertops for your space.

At Studio H2O we work with some talented fabricators who offer granite, quartz and laminate options. Each material offers their own unique benefits that you can read about in our previous countertop posts linked here and here! Today we’ll focus more on the design aspect.

“When choosing a countertop, it’s very important to keep color in mind,” said Sherri. “Think about the color of your cabinets, floors and walls. Each of these play a big role in whether or not your space will flow together.”

Whether you’re working on a remodel project or starting from scratch, Sherri recommends picking one piece and building around it. For example, if you’ve already picked out your cabinetry build around that color palate. If the tones in your cabinets are warm, try and find countertops that pull from those same warm tones or if the tones are cool, look for countertops with cool tones. 

Once you’ve decided on the tones you’re looking for, then you can play with patterns or lack thereof. If you’ve got your eye on a sample with bold veining or lots of flecking, don’t be shy! Just be sure the tones flow well with the other colors in your space and you’ll be set!

Now, for those of you in love with the white countertop trend, we’ve got some stunning white samples in the showroom, everything from a simple white to whites with bold veining! A great perk to working with white countertops is that you can easily mix and match other stone colors to create a more eye-catching look.

“You can really showcase your personality by selecting two different colored countertops,” said Sherri. “Select your perimeter and then use your island as a statement piece. The possibilities are endless!”

One new design option we offer are honed or matte finished countertops. Honed or Matte finishes offer a more neutral, flat look compared to the standard polished finish. These finishes are offered in several of the patterns we have available as well as the concrete options we carry as well.

Not only can you mix and match patterns and finishes, but you can also mix and match stone with butcher block as well!

According to Sherri, “Wood or butcher block tops make for a beautiful, rustic look, but they do require more regular maintenance than stone.”

Typically, butcher block or wood tops make for a great accent piece but require monthly oiling with a food grade mineral oil to maintain their look.

One final tip from Sherri is to always take samples home and look at them in your own lighting! We discussed this when picking out cabinetry, but it rings true for countertops as well.

Always, and we mean ALWAYS take samples home and look at them in your space. The lighting in your kitchen will impact the way the colors in the countertop samples look, which could make or break your decision to go with a certain color or pattern.

If you have more questions about picking out the perfect countertop or would like to make an appointment to look at samples, contact Sherri at 319-338-8275 or sherri@pscia.com

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