Out with the Old in with the New

As 2021 quickly approaches, t-minus 3 days, but who’s counting? We wanted to set you up for success walking into the new year. After all the chaos that 2020 rained down on us, we decided there’s no better way to step into the new year than with some new looks for your home. While a whole house upgrade may not be in the cards, there are some easy, cost effective swaps you can make to enhance the look of your home! Lauren Davies, Showroom Consultant and Lighting Expert, gave us 3 helpful swap ideas to upgrade your space for 2021.

1. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware: Changing out your old cabinetry hardware is a great, easy way to give your kitchen a refresh, but before you go wild buying new hardware, Lauren has a few things for you to consider.

  • Look at your cabinetry, do you currently have pulls or knobs? If you currently have knobs, you will most likely be limited to knobs again, as they require one hole instead of two and vice versa if you currently have pulls.

  • What size pulls do you have/need? To determine the sizing, open your cabinet door or drawer and measure from the centers of your hardware screws. Based on the measurement, there are standard sizes to choose from (3 1/4”cc up to 12”cc) *cc stands for center set*

  • Think about the shape of your current hardware and how big the base of the knob or pull is. Over time, the finish of your cabinets can change so it’s very possible that you’ll see a difference between what is under your hardware and the rest of the door or drawer front. It’s best to find a replacement with a similar sized or larger base to cover any discoloration.

  • Now it’s time to consider style and finish. Do you want to match your faucet, lighting and appliance finishes? Or do you want to use a contrasting finish to bring attention to your hardware? What color is your cabinetry? Do you want sleek hardware that will fade into your cabinetry or do you want your hardware to pop and be the focal piece? Skys the limit!

  • It’s helpful to see and feel the hardware in person. You want to make sure that what you select is comfortable for you to grab onto. We have a LOT of options to peek at in the showroom, so be sure to make an appointment to come in and check out our selection for yourself.

2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: Lighting is often considered the jewelry of the home, and we have many options to choose from! Changing lighting can be a simple swap, but before replacing your fixtures, we recommend consulting with an electrician to confirm that your vision is possible.

  • A light fixture swap can completely change the atmosphere of a space, below are a few ideas of areas in your home to update.

-Bathroom Vanity Lights

-Entry Lights

-Dining Room Light

-Kitchen Island Pendants

-Mudroom/Laundry lights

-Ceiling Fan

-Exterior Lights

  • The two main things to consider when choosing a new fixture are size and the output of light. Do you like the size of your fixture now? Think about the size of your space, ceiling height and the open-ness of your floor plan. Does your current fixture give you enough light?

  • Then, think about style! Do you have any other fixtures or elements in your home that you’d like this light fixture to coordinate with? What finish would you like to use? Do you like clear glass, frosted glass or linen shades? Are you drawn to fixtures with ornate details or do you prefer simplicity?

3. Mirrors: Updating your bathroom mirror is a great way to make a subtle, but impactful change to your bathroom. This switch is also a fairly simple venture.

  • A framed mirror can really dress up a bathroom- whether you choose a wood or metal frame style. This is as easy as taking your old mirror off the wall and hanging a new one up. All you need to do is measure your current mirror and decide if you like that size or if a different size or shape would better suit your space. Keep in mind that changing the size of your mirror may lead to painting where the old mirror was. Then consider the style of your bathroom and the finishes you already have. Do you want this mirror to blend in or add a contrasting element? Then order and replace!

  • Lighting mirrors are also a beautiful and functional mirror upgrade! This will take a little more work and an electrician to power the mirror, but it’s still a very non-invasive way to update your mirror.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Studio H2O can help you do these upgrades, call or text the us today at 319-338-8275 to schedule your appointment.

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