New Year, New Vanity

It’s 2021 and ain’t nobody got time for cluttered bathrooms. As we continue on our journey to starting 2021 off right, we want to help you take your cluttered bathroom vanity and turn it into the organizational space of your dreams! We sat down with cabinetry guru, Sherri Eagle to discuss how you can pick the perfect vanity to maximize storage and create the bathroom of you’ve always wanted.

First things first, there are a few things to ask yourself before designing your bathroom vanity:

  1. Who's going to be using the vanity? Will it be going in a master bathroom; kids' bath or guest bath?

  2. What will you be storing in your vanity?

  3. Does your bathroom have existing storage such as a linen closet?

  4. How much counter space do you want/need?

  5. Do you want your vanity to be functional or simply fit an aesthetic?

It's important to walk through each of these five points so you can hone in on exactly what you need in your vanity. Once you’ve thought through these points, it’s time to start designing your vanity.

Once you’ve figured out your basic vanity needs, it’s time to focus on the design!

The next step in configuring your vanity is considering the doors and drawers. After walking through the main points noted above, it’s vital to ask yourself, ‘Do I need more doors or drawers in my vanity?’ This will help the designer you’re working with help guide you as you move into selecting other storage options.

When it comes to more doors versus more drawers, there’s really no wrong answer. It truly comes down to what you’re storing and the amount of storage you need. Doors make your vanity great for under counter storage, while drawers make it great for pull out storage options.

A helpful way to decide which to choose is to consider again, what you’re storing. If you’re looking for easy ways to store towels and toilet paper, drawers are a great option. If doors are more you jam that’s great too! Doors are great for cosmetics, shampoos and other bathroom necessities you’re looking to get off the counter and hide under the sink. Depending on the cabinetry brand, you can create unique storage options to truly maximize any bathroom.

Below are a few of Sherri’s top picks for adding storage to your vanity:

  • Roll out shelves under the sink: Great to maximize smaller spaces where having multiple drawer/door configurations aren’t as easy to achieve.

  • Drawer Inserts: Ideal for hair accessories like hair dryer and curling iron- no more tangled mess of cords!

  • Drawer within a Drawer: Shallow top drawer with a hidden, deeper drawer underneath. Another great option if you don’t have a lot of storage space or just want to maximize storage.

  • Toe Kick Drawers: Provide a deep and wide drawer option that when closed just looks like the finished piece at the bottom of your cabinet, but when rolled out can store toilet paper, towels, etc.

  • Tall Countertop ‘Pantry’ Cabinets: Creates added storage space for those who don’t have a linen closet or need more storage than a vanity itself can provide. They do take away from countertop space, so keep that in mind if you value counter space!

This is just a brief list of the almost endless options to maximize your vanity storage! Depending on the cabinetry brand, you can go WILD with storage options! Regardless of your budget, space and storage needs, our talented designers are excited to help you enhance your bathroom organization game. Call or text the showroom, 319-338-8275 to schedule your appointment today.

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