New Year, New Mudroom

Are you tired of tripping over shoes when you walk in the house? Unsure how to organize your coats? Tired of wondering where all your hats and gloves have gone? Never fear! We have the perfect solution for all your woes. We sat down with Kitchen & Bath Designer, Bethany Nebel to discuss how to turn your mudroom into a magazine worthy organizational masterpiece.

In order to organize your space, it’s important to consider whether your mudroom area is out in the open or in a separate room. Can you close the door on the mess to hide it from guests or is it out in the open for everyone to see when they walk in the door? This will help you determine which types of storage and organization may be best for your space.

Once you’ve had a chance to assess your space, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re organizing and how you’d like it to be organized. According to Bethany there are four key things to have in any mudroom space.

  1. Hooks: Hooks are a great accessory for families that are often on the go. Having hooks out in the open make it easy to grab your coat, purse, backpack, etc. Quickly before you head out the door.

  2. Drop Zone/Landing Zone: It’s helpful to have some countertop space in your mudroom to act as a landing zone to set things down when you come in the door and your hands are full.

  3. Bench Seat: Having a space to sit down comes in handy in the mudroom and it acts as a secondary drop zone. We recommend having open space beneath the bench seat to allow your shoes to sit directly on the floor rather than tucking them in drawers. This will save some headaches when you need to clean up from the muddy or snowy shoes down the road.

  4. Baskets: Don’t forget to consider decorative baskets in open cubbies to keep smaller items such as hats, gloves, scarves organized in one central location.

All of these elements are easily available through our Plato Locker System. This semi-customizable system allows you to mix and match some of the items discussed above to create the perfect mudroom space. We won’t go into all the nitty, gritty details here, but we encourage you to click here and read more about all this system has to offer.

Before we leave you to dream up your perfect mudroom space, we wanted to make sure we touched on a few extra options for those who have mudrooms attached to their laundry room space.

Beyond organizing coats and shoes, it’s important to keep that laundry room side looking fresh and organized as well! Here are a few ways to add extra storage and organization to the entire space.

  1. Tall Cabinets: Not just for the kitchen! These tall cabinets can be customized to a shallower depth than a standard kitchen cabinet to offer you more storage in your mudroom/laundry room space. Great for storing cleaning supplies and towels or do away with the shelves to add space to store brooms and mops.

  2. Hamper or Laundry Basket Storage: Add a section under your countertop of open cabinets or shelves to create cubby space to tuck away laundry baskets.

  3. Hanging Rods: Create a hanging space in your laundry room above the washer and dryer or even above your laundry sink to give you more space to keep things extra organized.

If you would like to learn more about how to turn your mudroom/laundry room space into an organized oasis, call or text the showroom at 319-338-8275 to schedule your appointment today.

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