Mix & Match Your Cabinet Colors

Are you tired of flipping through home design magazines or scrolling Instagram and seeing the same white kitchen over and over...and over again? Are you enticed by the idea of playing with color in your kitchen cabinetry, but aren’t sure what to do? Don’t panic! We sat down with our Kitchen & Bath Designer, Sherri Eagle to discuss playing with color in your kitchen and how to break out of the white cabinet trend.

“White cabinets have become a staple in kitchen design, but mixing and matching cabinet colors has started to create a unique trend allowing homeowners to show off more of their own personal style,” said Sherri. “Blue and green hues are beginning to show up quite a bit, allowing for a lot of fun options for those interested in playing with color in their kitchen.”

“Playing with color” may sound risky when talking about white kitchens, but Sherri shared three different ways to spice things up. Something to remember about playing with color is that you don’t have to pick just one.

The first way to mix in color is by using your island as the focal point. We talked about islands in our last post and your island can be the perfect focal point for your kitchen. If you love the all-white kitchen look, but want to mix things up, consider having your island be Navy blue or Plato’s Superior Blue. This adds a subtle flair and unique contrast to elevate your kitchen.

Another way to play with color is to consider doing your base and upper cabinet’s different colors. We’ve got an example of this on display in our showroom with a mix of white and dark gray. The key to pulling off a mix and match like this is to make sure the undertones in the white work with the gray.

“When mixing colors, it’s important to make sure the hues and undertones complement each other,” said Sherri. “White is a great example. You want to make sure you select the right white so that it doesn’t clash with the other color you select.” If you are new to paint sample browsing, there are many versions of white. Thankfully, our designers are well versed in their hues and will match things up in the most magnificent fashion.

Sherri also strongly recommends taking cabinet samples home. The sample colors may look stunning in the showroom, but once you get them home, they may have a completely different look. Sherri suggests looking at them in your own kitchen lighting, how much natural light you have can also have an effect on the color. Whites may look more yellow depending on the lighting so it’s best to test out in your own environment.

Sherri’s final colortastic idea is to mix painted wood with wood grain. Painted cabinets hide the grain in wood, giving it a flat finish, whereas stained cabinets often emphasize the natural wood grain. Mixing the two can create a subtle, yet eye catching look for your kitchen. Much like mixing different paint colors, you can do painted cabinets with a wood grain island or painted uppers and wood grain lowers, or any other combination to fit your style.

Three solid tips on adding color to the standard white kitchen, but wait, there’s more! Sherri has two additional design ideas to factor into your new dream kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to play with glazes and distressing. Glazes, unlike paint, enhance the look of the wood without covering up the grain itself. Distressing is adding physical indentations and wear to the cabinet surface. Depending on the look you're after, a glaze may be a better choice in getting that rustic look without the physical distressing of the wood.

Finally, add some contrast with floating shelves. Floating wood stained shelves can break up your space and add some visual contrast while also making a smaller space look bigger.

If you have more questions about playing with color in your kitchen or would like to set up an appointment, contact Sherri at 319-338-8275 or sherri@pscia.com.

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