Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Now that you’ve selected the perfect vanity, countertop, sink and faucet it’s time to pick your mirror! Woo hoo! You’re probably thinking to yourself, a mirror’s a mirror, what’s the big deal!? Well allow us to enlighten you on the BIG deal that is a vanity mirror.

Mirrors play an integral role in your daily bathroom activities like shaving, putting on makeup and styling that fabulous head of hair you have...or don’t have. Bald is beautiful, right? Mirrors are also important for accentuating your space and creating the perception of more light. We sat down with Kathy to discuss picking out the perfect mirror.

According to Kathy, “Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. You can stick with something basic like a rectangle or oval cut mirror or get more creative with mirrored medicine cabinets. There are also more tech savvy mirrors with integrated TVs and custom light settings.”

Typically, people select a mirror that’s cut to fit their space, whether it be an oval or rectangle, and have it mounted to their wall. For others, mirrors are also a secret storage space so the need for medicine cabinets is a MUST!

“Do not let the idea of a medicine cabinet shy you away from fashion. There are many different options available for you from, surface mounted to recessed and from framed to frame less option,” said Kathy.

Medicine cabinets are no longer those gaudy old things most of us remember from our childhood. Many manufacturers, including Kohler, make medicine cabinets that not only look stunning but help create a more functional bathroom space.

Mirrors have also stepped into the tech world, altering the way you experience your morning routine.

“When talking about mirrors or medicine cabinets, do not overlook our lighted mirrors,” Kathy said. “By adding a lighted mirror, you are adding extra lighting for shaving and make-up applications. The added lighting may also give you that extra special effect that illuminates around the room.”

Depending on your style, tech mirrors can be as minimal or as top notch as they come. We carry a variety of lines with just about every mirror you can dream up. Want to connect your Google products to your mirror? We can do that! Wish you could watch TV while you’re shaving? We can do that too.

The benefits of these tech savvy mirrors vary greatly, but one of the most notable is the ability to control the lighting within your mirror. The settings range from cool to warm, allowing you to find the perfect light for your morning routine! They also create a beautiful aesthetic to elevate your space.

If that feels a bit too high-tech for you, never fear! We have some great basic solutions for those of you that prefer the non tech mirrors.

“Don’t forget that mirrors are not just made to hang above your vanity. We have a variety of sizes and shapes that can sit right on your countertop,” said Kathy. “Adding that right mirror can add that special touch to personalize your space.”

We offer several options for makeup mirrors that sit right on your countertop as Kathy mentioned. They offer the option for warm or cool lighting as well as different magnifications.

Whether you are looking for a pretty mirror with a rustic cabin feel or that sleek clean modern design, our consultants at Studio H2O are ready to help you find the perfect mirror for your space!

If you have questions about mirrors or would like to make an appointment to pick out a new mirror, contact Kathy at 319-338-8275 or kathy@pscia.com.

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