Maximizing Your Bathroom Light

Welcome to week three in our series on lighting! This week we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to maximize the light in your bathroom. We got the scoop from Lauren, our lighting expert, on whether to mount fixtures next to or above your bathroom mirror to maximize light usage!

“Where you mount your fixtures depends on your preference and what you’re using the bathroom for. If you put on make-up, shave, etc. in this bathroom, light fixtures on either side of your mirror is best,” said Lauren. “Because the light source is closer to your face, it will be easier to see what you’re doing and there will be less shadowing, but this type of lighting often does not illuminate a large bathroom very well, so it’s best to have extra lighting from recessed cans.”

If you have a space where mounting lights next to the mirror doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with mounting your fixture above the mirror (check out our first post on lighting for Lauren’s tips on above mirror mounting).

According to Lauren, “To generally illuminate a bathroom, a light fixture above your mirror is great! Most light fixtures can be installed with the light bulbs pointing up or down, which can have different effects as well. With the light bulbs pointing up, light will reflect off the ceiling and help light up the whole room. When the light bulbs are pointing down, the sink and mirror area will be well-illuminated for tasks but there can be some shadowing.”

One final thing Lauren wants you to consider is the type of fixtures you already have in your bathroom and whether you want to switch the placement of those fixtures.

“If you have one light fixture above your mirror, you have one junction box up there too. To switch from this configuration to two sconces beside the mirror, you’ll need to move the original junction box and add a second one. This is do-able by a licensed electrician – it is just more involved!”

If you have any questions about top or side mounted fixtures or would like Lauren’s help selecting new fixtures, reach out to Lauren at 319-338-8275 or

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