Light Up Your Holidays with Aptations Lighted Mirrors

As the Holiday season quickly approaches, Studio H2O has got you covered for your last-minute gift-giving needs. If you have all your gifts sorted out, be sure to forward this on to a loved one who may find something last-minute for you. The next few weeks will feature a few of the items we have on hand, so let’s get started. Lauren Davies, Lighting Specialist and Showroom Consultant, took a few minutes to highlight our new Aptations Makeup Mirrors for this week’s feature. The ideal gift for makeup gurus and beard growers alike!

According to Lauren, freestanding makeup mirrors are a great way to easily add some help for bathroom tasks like applying makeup or trimming your beard. They also make a great gift for those hard to shop for ladies and gents in your life. We have them on hand in the showroom as well, so no need to pay for shipping or anxiously await a late package.

When it comes to freestanding makeup mirrors, there are a few different options with various benefits:

1. Lighted Freestanding Mirror with 3x Magnification – even if you have good lighting in your bathroom or bedroom, seeing the little things will be much easier with additional light and magnification.

2. Freestanding Mirror with 3x Magnification Only – no electricity, all mobility! This is a sleek, easy-to-maneuver mirror when you just need to get a closer look!

3. Freestanding Mirror with 3x/1x Magnification – 2 looks with just a flip, this mirror allows you to zoom in for details and zoom out for the whole picture.

Each of Aptations mirrors has different finish offerings, so be sure to check out what is available in your favorite mirror.

In addition to the finish of the mirror, you can also choose the color temperature of the lighted mirrors. 2700K will give you a warmer light, perfect for getting ready in the evenings; 3000K simulates more of a daytime look, perfect for those morning zoom calls!

Check out this video from Kathy Rutt, Showroom Operations Manager, describing the benefits of these 2 different light options.

"I have a magnification-only mirror in my room, and I still need to hold my phone flashlight up so I can see everything”, said Lauren. “The lighted mirror allows you to get a closer look and use both of your hands for grooming, especially handy with makeup application, shaving, etc.”

Aptations also has two power options available on their mirrors – one that needs a plug-in for power, and one that is rechargeable and able to be taken on the go, making it ideal for home or travel!

If you’re interested in gifting a makeup mirror this holiday season, call or text the showroom at 319-338-8275. Lauren would be happy to help you find the perfect gift to shed a little extra light on your holidays.

Make sure you subscribe to our blog; you won’t want to miss our Holiday gift guide launching next week! It’ll be full of great ideas for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

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