Jason International Microsilk

We’ve highlighted several health-enhancing products recently and we close out our series with Jason International’s Microsilk. Jennie Wunderlich, our Showroom Manager and resident Microsilk expert, provides the rundown on some of the health benefits provided by this amazing, health-inducing product.

“Microsilk are microbubbles a billionth of the size of a normal bubble, making them capable of penetrating the skin to remove impurities and put oxygen into the skin”, Jennie explained to us. “It promotes healing of cuts and scrapes and even lightly exfoliates your skin!”

If all that isn’t exciting enough, these tiny little bubbles also maintain heat longer than a standard jetted tubs bubbles, which means no need for a heater or adding extra hot water throughout your bath. Win win!

Although Microsilk is well known for its amazing skin rejuvenating benefits, it also comes with some incredible benefits for those looking to relax and enhance their overall health.

“Even if a person does not have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions, the microbubbles hydration of the skin is very beneficial for removing impurities,” said Jennie. “The released serotonin in the brain and increased circulation are just two of the numerous benefits for people looking to improve their health.”

It's no secret that lowering your stress and getting better sleep are two great ways fight off the ever present cold and flu season. So Microsilk will make skin look great and help fight off cold and flu?! More winning.

“Microsilk is simply pure oxygenated bubbles entering through your pores. The max hydration is reached after 20 minutes in the tub, but you can stay in the tub longer for that added relaxation,” said Jennie. “Many people find that taking a Microsilk every 72 hours helps keep their skin soft and smooth, enhances their sleep and reduces stress!” If every three days doesn’t seem like enough Microsilk, Jennie informed us that you can utilize this hydrotherapy as often as every day to get even more benefit.

For those of you wondering how to get your hands on this luxurious heath enhancing product, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of Jason’s hydrotherapy tubs but be aware that Microsilk is different from their Whirlpool or AirMasseur options.

Certain Jason tubs can support both MicroSilk and another hydrotherapy so a bather could use MicroSilk and then switch to Whirlpool jets. The MicroSilk can only run by itself, not while another hydrotherapy is going, otherwise the small microbubbles would pop due to the vigor from the whirlpool jets.

If you’re interested in learning more about upgrading to a Jason Microsilk tub or would like to speak with a consultant about the incredible health benefits MicroSilk offers, call or text the showroom at 319-338-8275.

And if you didn’t catch our previously posted success story, check it out here. Just one more example of the power of the Microsilk hydrotherapy.

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