Is it steamy in here?

Looking to increase your circulation, open up your airways, and increase your metabolism? Showers by Mr. Steam are the answer, and our Showroom Manager, Jennie Wunderlich, is an avid supporter. The many health benefits are especially helpful as we continue to deal with COVID-19, but the steam shower also creates a nice oasis in your home. Both physical and mental health upgrades? Winner.

In order to get the most out of your steam shower, Jennie recommends steaming as often as every day.

“If you work out heavily, frequent steaming can be very beneficial to help reduce soreness and break down lactic acid in your muscles,” Jennie said. “It also helps relieve stress and promote better sleep. Taking a steam each night can be a wonderful way to wind down after a busy day.”

Mr. Steam offers varying packages to meet just about any budget. There are three main packages offered to build your dream steam shower. Listed below, the packages range from spartan to all the bells and whistles. Each package delivers the physical and mental health benefits we have discussed.

1. AirButler Package: A streamlined package providing an all‑in‑one, ready to install steam shower with the AirTempo wireless control and access to the Steamlinx app.

2. iButler Package: All the benefits of the steam shower with a digital touchscreen control panel as well as wireless access via the Steamlinx app.

3. iDream Package: The most sophisticated steam shower package that combines the trifecta of therapies. You already want it, don’t you? We haven’t even listed the therapies, but all three are amazing. ChromaTherapy for a soothing lighting experience, AromaTherapy to excite (or soothe) your senses with just the right aroma, and MusicTherapy to enjoy the right sound with your steam. Included in this package are speakers, aromatherapy oils, Chroma light, a touchscreen control panel as well as access to the Steamlinx app.

(Check out this video from Lauren Davies, Showroom Consultant on a few Mr. Steam Highlights!)

If you’re building a new home, creating your steam experience can be another fun part of the process. If you’re not building at the moment, no worries. You can add steam to an existing shower with just a few tweaks.

“Steam showers don’t require a dedicated room or space, they can simply be added to your existing shower,” said Jennie. “Any size shower will work; you just want to make sure there is enough space between a person’s legs and the steam head so they can have some distance to keep from getting burned by the steam leaving the steam head. Typically, we recommend at least 42 inches in length for the shower if you want to add steam.”

Our showroom consultants love to help customers figure out the best ways to add a steam shower to their bathroom projects. If you have more questions or would like to experience the Mr. Steam shower for yourself, call the showroom at 319-338-8275 to set up an appointment today!

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