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It’s our final post in our cabinetry mini-series and we made sure it was a fun one! We’ve saved this last post to highlight the fun yet functional storage options you can choose from to add those perfect finishing touches to your new cabinets.

As you’ve learned with most of our cabinetry posts, there are a variety of options when selecting accessories for cabinets. Today we will discuss Bethany’s top two favorites along with some other great options our cabinetry lines offer.

“My two favorite cabinet accessories are tray divides and pull-out waste baskets,” said Bethany.

Tray Divides are vertical partitions that typically get installed in a base cabinet. They help keep your cookie sheets, muffin tins and cutting boards upright and organized. This is a universal accessory that everyone can appreciate in their kitchen.

Bethany’s second pick is pull-out waste baskets. Pull-Out Waste Baskets are designed to fit inside the base cabinet to tuck away your trash/recycling from site.

“I try to include pull-out waste baskets in every kitchen design I get the opportunity to work on, Bethany said. “Everyone needs a waste basket or two in their kitchen, so we might as well plan a specific space to tuck it away and hide the mess.”

Bethany recommends the version that includes two waste baskets behind one cabinet door with a drawer on top – This is typically an 18” wide cabinet and gives you the ability to use one for garbage and the other for recycling.

Another great accessory is built in Spice Racks. Instead of dealing with buying organizers that don’t quite fit or not being able to access all your spices, you can have spice racks installed in a few different ways. One is as a drawer organizer in the base cabinet. Another option is the one pictured below, where the storage racks are built into the upper cabinet giving you ample space for all your spices!

Below is a list of a few of the other accessories you should absolutely consider having in your kitchen!

  • Cookware Pullout: Racks/drawers that allow for easy access and organization of your pots and pans. No more shuffling through drawers to find the right lid for your pan!

  • Silverware Dividers: Built in dividers for your drawers that fit perfectly. This allows for all your silverware to be accessible and organized without trying to find an organizer that fits your drawer after purchasing your new kitchen.

  • Sink Tilt-Out Caddy: These handy, hidden caddies sit right in front of your sink disguised as a flat panel. They’re perfect for tucking away your sponges, scrubbers and any other sink items you don’t want cluttering your sink.

Each of our cabinetry lines offers a unique selection of cabinetry accessories to help keep your beautiful new kitchen organized and functional. If you have any questions about adding accessories to your cabinetry or would like to learn more about our cabinetry lines, contact Bethany at 319-338-8275 or

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