Going Green: Panasonic Fans

We're Going Green for the month of March! Follow along all month long as we highlight some of our energy efficient products in the showroom.

First up is Karlee, she's one of consultants in training and we can't wait for you to meet her. Check out the video below to learn more about why you need a Panasonic fan in your bathroom.

Video Highlights:

  • Having adequate ventilation in your bathroom is very important, and there are wonderful green ways you can do this! We love Panasonic fans, which are very quiet and come in a variety of configurations to fit your needs.

  • There are both LED lighted and non-lighted options with Panasonic fans, and within the fan motors themselves, you can select the airflow that is needed for the size of your room.

  • You can also add modules to the fan to make it into a “smart fan”, adding to your energy savings.

  • Motion sensor – will turn the fan on when you enter the bathroom, and will turn the fan off 20 minutes after it last detected motion.

  • Condensation sensor – when installing, you set the humidity level that you want the fan to turn on at. When the sensor realizes that your room is at that level (say, 40% humidity), it will turn the fan on automatically. It will also turn the fan off 20 minutes after it realizes that your room is back below the humidity level you set it at.

  • These options help your fan work for you to save energy and money, and give you one less thing to think about each day!

For more information on Panasonic fans call or text the showroom at 319-338-8275.

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