Going Green: Brizo WaterSense Lav Faucets

It's our last post in our Going Green for March series and we're ending it on a great note! Join Lauren as she explains a little bit about Brizo's Eco friendly options.

All of Brizo's lavatory faucets, showerheads and handshowers are available with their WaterSense compliant flow rates. These rates are compliant with the California Energy Commission's Title 20 requirements for water conserving flow rates.

  • Eco Lavatory Faucets: 1.2 gpm (gallons per minute) with a max flow rate of 1.5 gpm

  • Eco Shower Components: 2.0 gpm (gallons per minute)

All WaterSense labeled products use 20% less water than their less-efficient counterparts, providing a great opportunity for your home to be more Eco friendly and save you money at the same time! How could you not love that!?

If you would like to learn more about Brizo or any of our other energy efficient products, call or text the showroom today at 319-338-8275.

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