Don't Forget the Accessories

As you come to the end of your bathroom design process, it’s easy to overlook the small things. Often people are so caught up in the big things, like what tile to put in the shower or how big the soaking tub should be, that you forget about picking accessories. We sat down with Kathy to chat about all the final details you don’t want to miss in your new bathroom.

“When finalizing the completion of your new bathroom or bathroom remodel, don’t overlook adding accessories,” said Kathy. “Picking out and coordinating your towel accessories, mirrors and lighting are not only functional, but can be like adding jewelry to complete your outfit!”

There are three main accessories to account for when finishing your bathroom design: towel bars, hand towel holders and toilet paper holders. We highly recommend adding all three of these to your bathroom must have list.

Towel bars are often underappreciated in bathrooms. Adding this one accessory alone can greatly impact your storage space in your new bathroom.

“Towel bars can often be the last thing people decide on,” Kathy said. “I recommend getting out a good old-fashioned roll of masking tape and start taping off where you would like to place your towel bars. Having a way to visualize the placement will help you decide what will work best in your space.”

Standard towel bar sizing is 18”, 24” and 36”, so keep that in mind when you start taping off your placements. Kathy also advises to not be afraid to vary the sizes if your room allows for you to have multiple towel bars.

Next, it’s time to consider hand towel holders! There are a variety of options, from round to square, wall mounted or counter top holders. If you’re working with a double vanity, consider having one for each sink. It’s important to assess your vanity situation and decide whether you can mount your towel holder to the wall or if your space calls for the counter top option, but either option looks great.

The last MAJOR accessory you’ll want to consider is the coveted toilet paper holder. If you’re going to go to the work of designing or redesigning your bathroom the last thing you want is to not have a proper place to hang your toilet paper. But don’t fear, all our bath accessory lines offer a wide variety of styles and designs to keep your design consistent, even down to how you hang your toilet paper roll!

Kathy also highly recommends adding robe hooks to your list of must have accessories!

“Don’t let the name ‘robe’ hook through you off,” said Kathy. “Many times, they are the perfect fix for tight spaces in your bathroom. Try adding the hooks right outside of your shower for easy access to grab. Hooks can also be added inside of your shower and inside your closet.”

Even if you’re not a robe wearer, robe hooks are, as Kathy said, another great way to increase your storage space without cluttering up your walls or sucking up closet and cabinet space for towel storage.

Kathy also reminded us that you shouldn’t limit yourself to the basics on these accessories!

“Whether you have adequate or limited space, you have plenty of options to jazz up your bathroom accessories,” Kathy said. “For towel storage you might like a spa towel rack or a towel warmer. Try adding a stylish floor mount towel holder next to your free-standing tub. Oh, and don’t forget to consider a free-standing tissue holder or a tissue holder with a mobile shelf for your cell phone!”

If you have more questions about all the exciting bathroom accessories you can add to your space or you would like to make an appointment to visit our showroom, contact Kathy at 319-338-8275 or

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