Designing Your Dream Closet

Are you obsessed with organization? Do you dream of a perfectly sorted and color-coded closet? Then this is the post for you! We sat down with Sherri, one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers, to talk about designing the closet of your dreams. We discussed the Plato Closet System, and Sherri is excited for you to learn more.

“This semi-customizable closet system is perfect for creating a stunning, organized space,” said Sherri. “Plato offers an array of storage options from shoes to jewelry and everything in-between.”

It’s easy to feel intimidated when designing your closet space, but Plato’s ready to assemble system makes for a stress-free process. As Sherri said, this closet system is semi-customizable, so the pieces offered create a plug and play arrangement to fit your needs.

Whether you’re trying to organize kids closets or create a walk-in closet from a magazine, this system has it all! It comes in two wood colors, Gregio Pine or Takase Teak, and three hardware finish colors, Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Nickel or Polished Chrome.

Even if you aren’t as obsessed with organization as some of us, the storage options are exciting and Sherri has broken them all down for us. We’ll start with basic cabinets and work our way down to accessory storage.


o Cabinets are offered with or without doors. You can also mix and match doors and no doors on the same cabinet space. Example: Upper cabinet may have no doors while the lower cabinet has them.

o Cabinets can be configured to have an upper section with two, four or six adjustable wood shelves and a lower section with three adjustable wood shelves.

o Cabinets are also offered with clothes poles in a few configurations.

1. The first is a tall cabinet with two clothes poles and an adjustable wood shelf between them.

2. The second is a tall cabinet with a single clothes pole and a small cabinet above.

3. The third option is a tall cabinet with a clothes pole at the top and a lower cabinet with adjustable shelves at the bottom or vice versa.

Hanger Systems

o Valet: Full extension slide for hanging clothes and garment bags.

o Belt Rack: 6 or 8 hook and full extension slide for organizing belts.

o Tie Rack: 18 or 24 hooks and full extension slide for optimal tie organization.

o Scarf Rack: 6 or 8 loops and full extension slide.

o Pant Rack: Solid hardwood pull-out with dovetail construction on full extension, side mounted slides. Includes 10 removable hardwood hangers.

o Spiral Clothes Rack Kit: Spiral rack can hang 40 single clothing items ranging from long to short top to bottom. Rack has a 360-degree turning radius.


o Hampers are offered in a tilt down or slide out style. Both hampers are metal baskets that can be ordered in your desired finish to match. Hamper bags are also available.

Shoe Storage

o Tall Shoe Fence Cabinet: Offers adjustable angled sow fence shelves creating an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to organize your shoes.

Jewelry & Accessory Storage

o Jewelry and accessory storage trays come in a large array of compartments and partitions options. Trays are felt lined and come in teal green, maroon, gray and royal blue.

Once you’ve selected all your storage options it’s time to start organizing. A final tip from Sherri is to consider adding some other fun touches to your space, like lighted clothes racks or a statement light fixture in the middle of your closet! Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine in your dreamy new closet.

If you have more questions about the Plato Closet System or would like Sherri’s help designing, call or text 319-338-8275 or email

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