Delta Shield Spray

Let’s all just admit that dishes are the worst! As we continue our journey through making life easier this holiday season, we could not avoid the dishes. Whether you’re an avid holiday baker or go all out on all things savory, those dishes pile up quickly and no one wants to miss the festivities because they’re in the kitchen scrubbing. We’re not coming over to do your dishes (sorry), but Kathy gave us a quick rundown on a great faucet to cut down on washing time and get you back to the festivities.

We offer a wide selection of faucets to meet your kitchen needs, but today we’re talking about a Delta faucet with Shield Spray technology. Shield Spray is a concentrated jet inside a protective sphere of water that helps power away stubborn messes with 90% less splatter than a standard spray function. This means less time soaking and scrubbing and more time partying! Woo hoo!

Delta’s Shield Spray is now a third spray function on several of their faucet lines. If you’ve already got a Delta faucet, but really want Shield Spray, Kathy has great news.

“Shield Spray is built into the faucet head, so if you happen to have an older Delta faucet that does not have the Shield Spray function, you’re in luck,” said Kathy. “Upgrading to Shield Spray is an easy fix. All you have to do is order a new head with shield spray that is compatible with your existing Delta faucet.”

If upgrading your faucet head is something you're interested in, all you have to do is call or text the showroom (319-338-8275) and one of our consultants would be happy to order you a new Shield Spray faucet head. They'll even recommend you a plumber if needed!

This spray function is ideal for that hostess with the mostest who’s busy all-day cooking and baking and has no time to wait for all those dishes to soak. Whether you’re a clean-as-you-go or a pile-it-all-up then ignore it person, Shield Spray will absolutely change your holiday cleaning game.

According to Kathy, “Shield Spray is extremely beneficial for those big holiday dinners! I tend to do everything in a hurry and typically end up with excess water splattered all over me from rinsing dishes. With Shield Spray your clothes stay dry while your messes disappear.”

A few extra benefits of Shield Spray include:

  • Reduced clean up time

  • Less water splatter to clean up around sink

  • No more water-soaked clothes

  • Also available on Delta touch faucets

Shield Spray is so great, that we even made a video to SHOW you! Check out the video below with Jennie Wunderlich, Showroom Manager, to see our Shield Spray faucet in action.

If you’re interested in learning more about Delta Shield Spray faucets or would like to come try our working faucet in the showroom, call or text 319-338-8275 today to schedule your appointment.

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