Cleaning Your Copper Sink

Keeping a copper sink clean can be quite tricky at times. While this finish is rich and beautiful, it is also prone to show dirt and grime. Take the sink pictured below for example. There are many spots and streaks showing on this finish and finding a cleaning product that makes it easy to restore to a clean state can be a challenge to do as you will want to be careful to not strip the sink of its finish.

Using a mild soap and water mixture is what is most recommended by the companies who make sinks with this finish. It is gentle enough that it will not cause damage to your sink and you can keep it in prime shape for years to come.

Water spots often appear in a copper sink after each use as well. Although some may not be bothered by water spots that this finish often shows, one way to combat this is to dry the sink after each use.

Another way to clean your copper sink is to use Flitz Polish. It is a stronger, yet safe, way to clean your sink and you will likely have a noticeable amount of residue left on your cloth when you are finished.

The sink pictured below was cleaned using Flitz Polish and has noticeable results with approval from a happy homeowner.

All points considered, the ideal way to keep your copper sink clean is to dry it after each use, clean it regularly with mild soap and water, and use Flitz Polish to restore your sink when it needs more than mild soap and water can handle.

If you have questions on how to clean your products, you can call or text us at 319-338-8275. Or, if you are interested in a copper sink for your own home, contact us to get your appointment scheduled!

Happy cleaning!

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