Cabinet Drawer and Door Styles

As we inch closer to the end of our cabinetry mini-series, we’ve saved the best for last! The last three posts in this series will dive into the more detailed parts of picking out your cabinetry. Today we’re going to go over the different drawer fronts and door styles you can choose from and of course we talked to Bethany to give you all the best advice!

According to Bethany, “Door and drawer style selections vary for each cabinetry manufacturer. Some offer their door and drawer front styles ‘a la carte’ where you can mix and match while others offer them as a ‘package deal’ where a specific drawer front pairs with a certain door style.”

Let’s first break down the drawer front styles. There are two main options, slab or 5-piece fronts.

Slab drawer fronts are completely flat and constructed out of one piece. The drawer fronts are smooth and easy to clean.

5-Piece drawer fronts (as the name describes) are constructed out of five separate pieces and have the same detail as the cabinet doors. These fronts give a more decorative and detailed look, but it creates more grooves that need to be cleaned.

“Be careful when selecting decorative hardware with 5-piece drawer fronts,” advises Bethany. “Some drawer fronts may be too small to accept bin pulls or larger hardware.”

Some cabinet manufacturers will let you mix and match slab and 5-piece drawer fronts within the same design. It just depends on the manufacturer you select. Larger drawers may look better with the same detail as the door style while smaller drawers or all the top drawers may need to be slab.

Now that we’ve covered drawer fronts, let’s talk door styles. Here are four options when selecting door styles; Slab, flat panel, raised panel, applied molding doors. Allow us to break those down for you.

  • Slab: Just like drawer fronts, slab doors are completely flat.

  • Flat Panel: Flat panel doors are constructed out of five separate pieces – Four around the outside that create a frame and one in the middle. A flat panel refers to the center piece.

  • Raised Panel: Like flat panel doors, raised panel doors are constructed out of five pieces but the center panel is raised.

  • Applied Molding: Applied molding door styles start as either a flat panel or raised panel door style and then they attach additional molding to the front of the door.

Your door style plays a big role in the overall style of your kitchen/bathroom/laundry room/wet bar/etc. By selecting a slab or flat panel door style, it gives a more contemporary or transitional feel while a raised panel or applied molding door style gives a more traditional overall style.

Whether you’re looking to mix and match doors and drawers or go for a more streamlined look, our team is happy to help you pick the perfect design to make your project complete!

If you have more questions about the different drawer front and door styles or would like to talk to someone about your next cabinetry project, contact Bethany at 319-338-8275 or

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