Accessorizing Your Shower

As we close out the shower portion of our bathroom series, we wanted to make sure we covered an often overlooked portion of your shower, accessories. We sat down with Kathy to get her expert opinion on adding all the right accessories to create the perfect shower.

“When designing a new shower, you should always think about the functionality of accessories you will need,” said Kathy. “Regardless of the shower style you picked (fiberglass, tiled, etc.) it’s very important to consider shelving and storage.”

As Kathy said, the storage space in your shower is key to making it as functional as possible. You’ll want to think through your shower routine and the items you use on a regular basis in your shower. Imagine the type of shelving you would like as well as where you’d like it to be installed.

It’s best to think practically when deciding on storage space in your shower. If you’re going with a fiberglass unit, be sure to ask your consultant what options are available for storage. Often these units come with prefabricated options for shelving and storage space so you’ll want to be sure you know all your options prior to ordering your shower unit.

If you’re going with a tile shower, you may want to consider doing recessed niches for your toiletries. They can be custom made to fit your showering needs and even add a great accent piece to bring your shower design together. Be sure to consider the size and quantity of your toiletries prior to having the shelves made so that everything fits nicely when it’s all said and done.

A big item that is often overlooked in a shower space is aging in place accessories.

“Aging in place accessories are something that you do not want to overlook and are important items I cannot stress enough,” said Kathy.

These types of accessories are weight barring, ADA compliant items that are ideal for anyone in need of assistance getting in and out of the shower on their own. Don’t let the concept fool you, these accessories can be very stylish while also being functional.

“Designing your new shower space is the perfect time to think about the future but with the practicality of using your aging in place accessories in the present,” said Kathy. “We offer many brands that provide stylish grab bars that actually add a beautiful and finished look inside as well as outside your shower.”

Grab bars can be disguised as shampoo shelves, like the one pictured below by Kohler. This is just one example of how you can create a practical space that offers functionality both now and in the future.

Another overlooked aging in place option is shower seats. There is free standing, stationary and fold down options that create stylish looks while being practical for the future. We’re not talking about the clumsy plastic seat you may have seen at your grandparent’s house growing up, the options offered today are very stylish.

If you’re going with a fiberglass unit, the freestanding seat is the one for you. It can be moved in and out of the shower unit and positioned exactly where you need it while showering. It can also be tucked away when not needed to free up space in the shower.

Tiled showers present the opportunity to install a tiled in seat or a fold down seat that can again be folded up when not needed.

Onyx or resin based shower units (discussed here) come with the option to have a built in shower seat in either the corner of the unit or across the wall that houses the shower head/plumbing.

“In my opinion, having the option to sit down in the shower after a long day and adding your favorite essential oils can be just as relaxing as soaking in a bubble bath,” said Kathy.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting shower accessories, but there are a few favorites Kathy doesn’t want you to forget!

“When finishing off your shower design, consider adding a robe hook or two inside your shower if hanging space for towels is limited,” Kathy said. “Or consider adding a towel bar on your shower door to increase storage space if wall space is limited.”

If you would like to know more about the different ways you can accessorize your shower or want to learn more about designing a new shower space, contact Kathy at 319-338-8275 or

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