Brand Benefits: Jason International's Viviere Walk-In Tub

In an ideal world, our homes are safe and secure places – designed to allow us to remain living at home as long as possible, despite changes in age, health, or agility. As more and more homeowners consider this “Aging in Place” choice, they are looking at changes that can be made now to ensure a safer future later. Grab bars, hand showers, shower seats, and non-slip shower bases all make showering easier and safer, but what about bathing?

Jason International is answering that question with their Vivere® walk-in bathtubs. Vivere® means “to live” in Italian. According to Jason International’s website, the tub was designed “to allow you to live with greater independence, security, and confidence.”

These walk-in tubs are designed to fit a standard tub space, and feature either an in-swing or out-swing door. Eliminating the difficulty and risk of stepping over a tub ledge, the door opens to a chair-height seat. Each tub features an angled grab bar and space for a deck-mounted faucet. There are also multiple hydrotherapy options available to best suit individual needs.

Jason Viviere Walk In Tub

Soaking tubs offer warm and comfortable bathing experiences, while Whirlpool and MicroSilk® offer extra benefits. Whirlpool models release air bubbles through strategically placed jets. The pressure aids in relaxation while helping to relieve stress and muscle soreness.

MicroSilk® is Jason’s patented hydrotherapy, adding even more benefits to the bathing experience. MicroSilk® releases billions of tiny micro-bubbles through a single port. These bubbles greatly increase the oxygen levels in the tub, leading to greater hydration and healthy skin cell growth. As the bubbles collapse, they release heat, keeping water warm and comfortable throughout the bath. MicroSilk® has helped improve user’s skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema, and has been noted to aide in collagen production. Finally, MicroSilk® is purifying as it lifts impurities away from the body, reducing the need for more soap or scrubbing. This can be particularly beneficial to those who have difficulties cleaning certain areas of the body.

There are many benefits to choosing a walk-in tub. Schedule your appointment HERE to meet with one of our consultants or stop by our showroom to try sitting in a Vivere® yourself!

For more inspiration on how a walk-in tub could fit in your home, check out our Houzz idea board HERE!

*All images are from Jason International's website.

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