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When building or remodeling your home, selecting a kitchen sink can be both exciting and overwhelming all at once. This is the centerpiece of your kitchen and will likely be used multiple times each day, so choosing a style and functionality that works best for you is important.

With this in mind, the first thing our showroom consultants learn is how to best help homeowners select their kitchen sink and faucet. We know that the sheer number of decisions needing to be made can be daunting, so we have broken down the process into three parts. Material (what is the sink made of), Installation type (how does it fit into the counter space), and Configuration (number of bowls, depth, etc.) will all add to the character and function of the sink.

Material Options – there are many material options available and on display in the showroom. The following list includes a handful of them.

  • Stainless Steel – Steel material. Most commonly compression molded into a sink. These sinks look great with stainless steel appliances, the material is forgiving, and it doesn’t stain.

  • Composite – Crushed stone & resin poured into a mold. This material comes in many color options and it can take a beating. Great for larger households and for “aggressive” cooks.

  • Cast Iron – Cast iron poured into a mold then coated with Enamel. Just as the composite material, the cast iron comes in many color options. The colors also have a high sheen and can withstand extreme heat.

  • Copper – Copper is poured into a mold then polished or hammered to finish. The great-looking material can take plenty of abuse and still retain its luster.

  • Other – Fireclay, natural stone, poured concrete. These materials are out of the ordinary and can provide a unique look. One consultant calls them “show stoppers”.

Installation Type

  • Top Mount (aka Drop-in) – This install type is very versatile and can be installed in most countertop materials. Most commonly used with laminate counter tops.

  • Undermount – Just as the name sounds, these sinks are mounted to the underside of the counter top material. For use with stone counter tops (granite, quartz, concrete, marble).

  • Apron Front (aka Farmhouse sink) – This type of sink includes a front apron piece and looks best when used with stone counter tops.

  • Tile-In/Other – Depending on how unique you would like your sink to be, there are always more options. Just ask one of our showroom consultants if you would like to know more.

Configuration – the configuration of your sink will determine how it will best be used and depends a great deal on what you plan to use it for. Here are a few of the options.

  • Single Bowl – One large bowl. Great for washing large pots & pans.

  • Double Bowl – A very traditional model. These come in options of two equal bowls (double equal), or one large bowl and one medium bowl (60/40bowls).

  • Triple Bowl – Typically two large bowls with a smaller center bowl. This configuration is not as common and is typically seen in stainless-steel material.

  • Offset – One large and one smaller bowl. These can be different sizes front to back or side to side, and will be similar to those found in the Double Bowl category.

  • Low vs High Divide – A low divide is when the center partition between sink bowls is not the full bowl depth (for example, a 9” sink depth with a 4” partition). A high divide is when the center partition is the same as the total sink depth (following the first example, a 9” sink depth with a 9” partition). Depending on how you plan to use the sink, this gives you the flexibility to use the sink as a single bowl or as a double bowl.

  • Perfect Drain – Specific to the Elkay brand of stainless steel sinks, the drain is molded into the sink so there are no seams. In addition to looking sharp, you don’t have to worry about waste getting caught in the seams of the drain.

Current consultants’ favorites:

Native Trails Hammered Nickel Sink: “I love my oversized double bowl sink. The Brushed Nickel Plated Hammered Copper is incredibly easy to clean. We have three kiddos and live on a farm, so easy cleaning is crucial! Even when it’s not all clean, the hammering hides spotting and makes it still look nice. The copper has a some give to it so we can drop cereal bowls in the sink and the bowls don’t break!” – Jennie

Kohler Cast Iron Double Equal Bowl Sink: “Cast iron in the kitchen isn’t just for the stove top! If you like COLOR AND SHINE, then cast iron is the way to go. During a recent Kitchen remodel, I chose to update my old Kohler Cast Iron sink, with a new cast iron (can’t go wrong!). Very simple, and I love the durability and SHINE!” - Kathy

Elkay Quartz Classic Sink: “I love the matte finish and that any scuffs are not as visible. I'm tough on my sink and love that it can handle the punishment. My favorite feature is the low divide. I use my dishwasher heavily so the low divide is perfect when I soak pots and pans and can wash cookie sheets with ease.” – Honor

For more inspiration, check out our Houzz Board HERE!

To see our display sinks or to discuss your upcoming project with one of our consultants, schedule your appointment HERE!

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