Brand Benefits: Native Trails

Next up in our Brand Benefits series is Native Trails. With a passion for craftsmanship, this company combines sustainability, innovation and beauty to create stand-out kitchen and bath products. There are many benefits to choosing Native Trails. We have listed our four favorites for you here.


Collaborating with global artisans has been central to Native Trails from the beginning. Back in its first days in 1996, founder Naomi Howard sought out artisans from Central Mexico to help create innovative products. These artisans utilize traditional methods of craftsmanship that ensure a high quality to every product. Each piece is hand-crafted and original.


Recycled copper, natural bamboo and jute fibers, concrete, and reclaimed wood are all used in Native Trails products. This strategy not only cuts down on environmental impact but also provides unique and distinct designs. Their original NativeStone gives the look of cement but with some added advantages. The NativeStone blend of natural materials is lighter than a traditional poured cement sink and has a sealant that is scratch, stain, and crack resistant, making it a durable and polished option in your kitchen or bath.


While Native Trails’ designs are anything but typical, they are very versatile and work in a range of homes – from rustic farmhouse to modern abode. Cool tones and sleek concrete molds blend in with more contemporary and minimalist homes, while hammered apron-front sinks stand out in farmhouse kitchens and polished copper freestanding tubs exude luxury and elegance.


These unique materials require surprisingly simple care and maintenance. Many products require just mild soap and warm water to get the job done. Helpful maintenance information can be found on the Native Trails website. As mentioned above, NativeStone products are scratch, stain, and crack resistant due to their strong natural fibers and exclusive sealant, while hammered copper and metal sinks do a great job of hiding fingerprints. These added bonuses will keep your sinks and bathtubs looking great for years to come.

You can find more inspiration and ideas over at Native Trail’s Design Gallery.

Schedule your appointment with one of our consultants HERE to see our showroom displays and find out how Native Trails can work in your home!

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