Four Ways Lighting Can Revolutionize Your Home

As we prepare to welcome friends and family over for food and long conversation, we often begin seeking ways to freshen up the comfort and style of our homes. While a full renovation may not be in your near future, adding different forms of LED lighting is a simple and quick way to elevate your home’s character, warmth, and even safety. We’ve laid out a few ways to utilize lighting to give your home the upgrade it may need.

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1. Illuminating Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets are the most common area for LED tape light – and for good reason. Kitchens frequently become the main gathering space in your home. Whether you use your counter space for cooking, serving, or catching up on office work, it’s safe to say the kitchen gets plenty of traffic. LED tape can provide the necessary light for various tasks as well as highlight the most decorative pieces in your home. Place inconspicuous tape light under your cabinets to cast a consistent glow along your counters, or place it above your cabinets to add the illusion of more height in the kitchen. Tape can even be used at the toe kick to illuminate the floor. Finally, strip or puck lighting can be placed inside glass cabinets to light up glassware or other accessories.

2. Highlighting a Detailed Ceiling

Whether in a bedroom, game room or general living room, using tape light in a tray ceiling adds character and dimension to any space. The soft glow brings the eye upward, drawing attention to your home’s detail and other statement fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Tray lighting also creates the illusion of taller ceilings and overall bigger spaces. Tray ceiling lighting can also provide more subtle, relaxing light that you may not be able to get from your main light fixture or ceiling fan.

3. Lighting the Way with Step Lights

Step lighting illuminates pathways indoors or outdoors. This form of lighting is particularly nice when out-of-town guests are over who may be less familiar with your home’s layout and light switches. Step lighting is sleek and unobtrusive to the rest of your home’s design while offering a type of night light for you and your guests.

4. Bringing LED Design into the Bathroom

There are numerous advantages to choosing a lighted mirror in the bathroom. An LED lighted mirror is a statement all on its own, eliminating the need for other fixtures or artwork on the walls. Moving beyond aesthetics, LED mirrors have more functional benefits as well. They most accurately reflect natural daylight, making it the best setting to put on makeup or get ready for the day. They last significantly longer than incandescent or fluorescent lighting and do not give off the heat other light fixtures will. LED mirrors can even be left on overnight to act as another type of night light for children or guests.

Take a moment to review your own space for possible lighting updates. Minor changes can make your home safer, more welcoming, and even more beautiful. Please make sure to call Studio H2O to schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers. We look forward to helping you transform your home!

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