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Studio H2O scours the country to find the best products to improve our customers’ lives and our contractors’ livelihoods. This next installment in our Brand Benefits blog series highlights Electric Mirror, a luxury line of lighted bathroom mirrors you can find at Studio H2O.

More information can be found on Electric Mirror's Website.

Not all mirrors are the same. The best mirrors bring out your beauty and a smile. Electric Mirror understands that perfect lighting showcases the best you, and it allows you to apply make-up most accurately to enhance your natural beauty. It also understands that a happier you is a more beautiful you. With music and style, an Electric Mirror will make you smile – even before your morning coffee.

A family-owned business based in Washington, Electric Mirror prides themselves on being inventive and forward thinking with over 40 patents and counting! Their drive for improvement and innovation has led to many unique features that add a touch of luxury to your home. Here are just a few:

Keen Technology

Keen Technology provides eight brightness levels that allow you to select your preference. It also includes a nightlight for late night bathroom needs. Also, its energy-saving automatic dimming feature saves you money!

Vive Technology

Vive Technology brings a wireless stereo system to your mirror. Simply sync your phone via Bluetooth and let your bathroom be transformed into a concert hall!

Diamond Clear

Diamond Clear is a glass upgrade that gives your mirror a clearer appearance and eliminates the green tint that is often noticeable around the edges due to the iron content.

To see more of what Electric Mirror has to offer, visit Studio H2O, where our consultants are happy to answer questions and help you find the best mirror for your home.

Schedule your appointment HERE!

Get more information about Electric Mirror & more photos of their products on our Electric Mirror Pinterest Board!

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