Is it steamy in here?

Looking to increase your circulation, open up your airways, and increase your metabolism? Showers by Mr. Steam are the answer, and our Showroom Manager, Jennie Wunderlich, is an avid supporter. The many health benefits are especially helpful as we continue to deal with COVID-19, but the steam shower also creates a nice oasis in your home. Both physical and mental health upgrades? Winner. In order to get the most out of your steam shower, Jennie recommends steaming as often as every day. “If you work out heavily, frequent steaming can be very beneficial to help reduce soreness and break down lactic acid in your muscles,” Jennie said. “It also helps relieve stress and promote better sleep. Tak

Benefits of Chroma Therapy

As we continue our descent into colder weather and the inevitable cold and flu season, we thought this week would be great to discuss the benefits of Chroma Therapy. We sat down with Kathy Rutt, Showroom Operations Manager, to learn more about this unique way to fight back against cold and flu season...and anything else 2020 throws our way! Chroma Therapy is the use of specific colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that reset imbalances in the body that may lead to disease. Different colors possess frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration can be related to different physical symptoms. Benefits of using Chroma Therapy are mental, emotional, physical and often spiritua

Infrared vs. Traditional Saunas

As we creep in to cold and flu season, we thought this would be the perfect time to start a new series and focus on all things health and wellness. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Studio H2O is a Kitchen and Bath showroom, what do they know about health and wellness?’. Well, throughout this series you’ll find out! We sat down with Showroom Director, Jennie Wunderlich to learn all about the various products we offer that not only make your home look beautiful but improve your health too! Today we’ll start with our newest product in the showroom, Amerec Infrared Saunas! We recently set up a working infrared sauna in our newest experience room and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. If you’

Designing Your Dream Closet

Are you obsessed with organization? Do you dream of a perfectly sorted and color-coded closet? Then this is the post for you! We sat down with Sherri, one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers, to talk about designing the closet of your dreams. We discussed the Plato Closet System, and Sherri is excited for you to learn more. “This semi-customizable closet system is perfect for creating a stunning, organized space,” said Sherri. “Plato offers an array of storage options from shoes to jewelry and everything in-between.” It’s easy to feel intimidated when designing your closet space, but Plato’s ready to assemble system makes for a stress-free process. As Sherri said, this closet system is semi-cu

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