Plato Locker System

In this series we’ve talked a lot about kitchen design, but today we’re going to switch things up and talk mudrooms! With storage and organization being such hot trend right now it would be a shame if we didn’t highlight our locker systems offered by Plato, one of our cabinetry lines. We sat down with Sherri, one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers to learn more about this great new product. “Lockers are a great way to make your mudroom or laundry room a more functional space,” said Sherri. “Plato offers a locker system that will not only add functionality but create a beautiful focal point for your mudroom.” This locker system is semi-customizable, which means you can mix and match and play a

Picking the Perfect Countertop

Selecting countertops is a tricky business. Not only do you have to decide on material, but you must consider the color and pattern as well. With so much to consider, we decided to chat with one of our expert Kitchen & Bath designers, Sherri Eagle, to learn how to pick the perfect countertops for your space. At Studio H2O we work with some talented fabricators who offer granite, quartz and laminate options. Each material offers their own unique benefits that you can read about in our previous countertop posts linked here and here! Today we’ll focus more on the design aspect. “When choosing a countertop, it’s very important to keep color in mind,” said Sherri. “Think about the color of your c

Mix & Match Your Cabinet Colors

Are you tired of flipping through home design magazines or scrolling Instagram and seeing the same white kitchen over and over...and over again? Are you enticed by the idea of playing with color in your kitchen cabinetry, but aren’t sure what to do? Don’t panic! We sat down with our Kitchen & Bath Designer, Sherri Eagle to discuss playing with color in your kitchen and how to break out of the white cabinet trend. “White cabinets have become a staple in kitchen design, but mixing and matching cabinet colors has started to create a unique trend allowing homeowners to show off more of their own personal style,” said Sherri. “Blue and green hues are beginning to show up quite a bit, allowing for

Island Dreams

When designing or remodeling your kitchen it’s important to think about whether a kitchen island is viable in your space. It’s easy to get caught up in the dreamy islands you see in HGTV kitchens, but not every kitchen can accommodate a 14-foot island. We turned to Sherri to discover the requirements for designing an island as well as the design options available. First things first, when deciding whether your kitchen can fit an island it’s important to measure! According to the NKBA, a minimum of 42” of walkway are required on all sides of the island. If that measurement won't work in your space, don’t worry, you can still work with a peninsula! Although not freestanding, a peninsula is att

Functional Kitchen Storage

It’s a new month and with that we’re starting an exciting new series! We sat down with one of our Kitchen and Bath Designers, Sherri Eagle to get her expert advice on all things design. Today we’re kicking things off with an inside scoop on custom cabinetry offered by Plato, one of the lines we offer at Studio H2O. Plato Woodwork cabinets are made in Plato, Minnesota and offer a variety of styles, wood grains and finishes to create the perfect cabinetry for your space. Their custom line offers an array of both base and upper cabinet storage that go beyond basic shelves. Whether you have a large kitchen space or limited space, Sherri gave us a great list of unique storage options to create a

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