Interior Storage & Accessories

It’s our final post in our cabinetry mini-series and we made sure it was a fun one! We’ve saved this last post to highlight the fun yet functional storage options you can choose from to add those perfect finishing touches to your new cabinets. As you’ve learned with most of our cabinetry posts, there are a variety of options when selecting accessories for cabinets. Today we will discuss Bethany’s top two favorites along with some other great options our cabinetry lines offer. “My two favorite cabinet accessories are tray divides and pull-out waste baskets,” said Bethany. Tray Divides are vertical partitions that typically get installed in a base cabinet. They help keep your cookie sheets, mu

Drawer Guides & Door Hinges

As we near the end of our cabinetry mini-series, we are wrapping up with some sneaky little details you will want to consider before finishing your cabinetry project. Today’s post focuses on door hinges and drawer guides. A small detail that makes a BIG impact on the functionality of your kitchen. According to Bethany, “Each cabinetry manufacturer is going to a have a different ‘standard’ for their doors and drawers. Many of our cabinet manufacturers offer slow-closing doors and drawers as a standard feature, but be careful because this feature is something you will quickly get accustomed to and you’ll find yourself letting doors and drawers slam that don’t have that feature built in.” Befor

Cabinet Drawer and Door Styles

As we inch closer to the end of our cabinetry mini-series, we’ve saved the best for last! The last three posts in this series will dive into the more detailed parts of picking out your cabinetry. Today we’re going to go over the different drawer fronts and door styles you can choose from and of course we talked to Bethany to give you all the best advice! According to Bethany, “Door and drawer style selections vary for each cabinetry manufacturer. Some offer their door and drawer front styles ‘a la carte’ where you can mix and match while others offer them as a ‘package deal’ where a specific drawer front pairs with a certain door style.” Let’s first break down the drawer front styles. There

Paint vs. Stained

If you’ve been following along with our cabinetry mini-series, you’ll know that we’ve reached our half way point! Today we’re learning about the difference between painted and stained cabinets. We sat down with Bethany, one of our cabinetry experts, to get some insight on these options. First things first. There is a difference between painted and stained cabinets. Let’s discuss. Painted cabinets are just that, cabinets that have been painted. They have a smooth and uniform finish with little to no variation from one cabinet to the next. The paint adheres to the surface of the cabinet so that only the color of the paint will be noticeable. Stained cabinets are, well…stained. Stain is thinner

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