BRAND BENEFITS - Electric Mirror

Studio H2O scours the country to find the best products to improve our customers’ lives and our contractors’ livelihoods. This next installment in our Brand Benefits blog series highlights Electric Mirror, a luxury line of lighted bathroom mirrors you can find at Studio H2O. More information can be found on Electric Mirror's Website. Not all mirrors are the same. The best mirrors bring out your beauty and a smile. Electric Mirror understands that perfect lighting showcases the best you, and it allows you to apply make-up most accurately to enhance your natural beauty. It also understands that a happier you is a more beautiful you. With music and style, an Electric Mirror will make you smile

Four Ways Lighting Can Revolutionize Your Home

As we prepare to welcome friends and family over for food and long conversation, we often begin seeking ways to freshen up the comfort and style of our homes. While a full renovation may not be in your near future, adding different forms of LED lighting is a simple and quick way to elevate your home’s character, warmth, and even safety. We’ve laid out a few ways to utilize lighting to give your home the upgrade it may need. Schedule your appointment with one of our talented designers HERE! Do a little day dreaming & find some inspiration on Studio H2O's Pinterest! 1. Illuminating Cabinets and Countertops Cabinets are the most common area for LED tape light – and for good reason. Kitchens fre

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